Rise & Repeat
Video Performance

"To give the shirt off one's back", is a saying that describes giving something that is asked for regardless of the sacrifice.

Taking on the position of the caretaker, the artist laboriously scrubs the cement with her own shirt. Using only water as a cleaning agent, the work she does goes unnoticed and unrecognizable. This is dedicated to the artist's parents and the sacrifices they made immigrating to Canada from the Philippines.

Foreign Abject (White & Yellow)
Video Performance

For Orientalism was ultimately a political vision of reality whose structure promoted the difference between the familiar (Europe, the West, “us”) and the strange (the Orient, the East, “them”).

— Edward Said, Orientalism

In this performance, the artist is presented with twelve eggs: eleven raw chicken eggs and one balut, a developing duck embryo that is considered a filipino delicacy. Blindfolded, she selects eggs at random, with no visual indication of what each egg contains. She bites directly into them until she reaches the balut.

Interested in the balut as something viewed as abnormal by the West, the artist proposes the selection of eggs as analogous to the selectivity of cultural appropriation. Western culture will adopt and exploit certain aspects of other cultures, while rejecting the aspects deemed strange or disgusting. In an attempt to accept and defend her cultural background, the artist consumes the entire balut.

Video Performance

The artist's mother brushes her daughter’s hair, a routine that has grown uncommon. Attempting to relive a moment when their mother-daughter bond was the strongest, the artist's mother narrates this piece commenting on the importance of this relationship.